My work calls to the one. It encourages the search for ipseity through truthful expression of who we are as creatures made in God’s image. Not denying our potential for destruction, and yet remaining hopeful that the individual can choose creation.  

Each piece is tied intimately to its title in such a way that knowing the title is vital to understanding the work. This creates a dialog between the painting and the title and asks the viewer to engage in more than a sideways glance, a quick passing by. To invest time into the understanding of a thing that is not immediately apparent creates a sense of awe when the code is cracked and glorious uniqueness is discovered.

Divergent in subject matter I explore the attributes of the individual and of God through the figure, the metaphorical, and landscape. A universe of potential inside a single cell, the vastness of creation in floating bubbles, the single expression of one dance step as a point of endless inspiration; I freely and whimsically explore symbolism and ideology as inspired expression.