Learning to use a computer as a tool for creating art has been rewarding, frustrating, and mind-bending.  Using everything that I've learned from nearly 3 decades of tactile art and applying it to a screen via the click of a mouse or the swipe of a digital pen has been trans-formative to the way I produce both digital and traditional art.

While I tend to keep my digital work in the commercial world and my tactile work in the artistic world, I'm finding that they two universes are informing one another more and more.  

The above samples include website landing page images, invitations, posters, bookmarks, social media post images, car wraps, and logos.  Every image was created completely from scratch.

If you need graphic design work, contact me at jagersonart@gmail.com for a quote.  I charge $40/hour with a minimum of a 1 hour fee.